Skill Subtlety And Creativity

The perfect blend at the heart of Champage Marc

In keeping with the nobility and passion that have shaped its history, the House of Marc has stayed true to the traditional knowledge of its ancestors whilst at the same time adopting emerging technology to guarantee the very best quality in its wines.

12 générations de vignerons passionnés se sont ainsi succédé, enrichissant et sublimant des savoir-faire transmis de père en fils, créant une subtile alchimie entre la technique des procédés et l’émotion de la création.

In pursuit of its ambitions, the House of Marc lavishes the utmost attention on its grapes by adhering to strict procedures: a traditional style press for maximum control over pressing, no malolactic fermentation, a minimum of three years of ageing and the production of certain wines being limited to every other year so as to maintain the quality of the juice at the highest level. For the same reason the House of Marc uses only the fi rst juice to come off the press - less quantity, but better quality…

Our greatest achievement has always been the respect we bear for our heritage which has lead to our champagnes being exported all over the world and receiving numerous accolades.