Coteaux Champenois Fleury Rouge

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Further testament to the skill and knowledge of the House of Marc, this Coteaux Champenois wine brings to life a bygone era before the Champagne region was known for champagne. A still wine that in olden times was used in church for mass and communion, it is recreated today using only Pinot Meunier grapes, thus setting it apart from all other French wines. An experience not to be missed!

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“Coteaux-Champenois”, the still wines made in our region, are the fore-runners of Champagne. In the IXth century the clergy began to take a serious interest in wine-making. Some of the wines were served at communion in the church at Fleury-La-Rivière, one of seven villages in Champagne reputed for their wines. Soon they acquired the name of “Wines of Champagne” and were recognised among the “Wines of France”. Today, “Coteaux-Champenois” wines are rare. They are fruity wines that are aged in oak barrels.

Origin : A.O.C. Coteaux Champenois : Hand Picking.

Grape varieties : 100% Pinot Meunier. Yield per hectare : 8 000 kg/ha.

Terroir : Chalky sopes overlayed with clay and limestone. Average age of the vineyard :35 years. 

Total acidity : 4,2 g/l

PH : 3,47

Finished alc. : 12 %

Vinification : Still red wine made using grapes from a single harvest. Produced only in exceptional years with the best grape concentration, grapes are sorted and destemmend, the length of maceration depends on the vintage . Fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel vats. Malolactic fermentation. The wine is stabilised using cold temperature and lightly filtered. 

Pairing : A pure Pinot Meunier very rare in Champagne country. A red fully wine destined to connoisseurs. Unique style and authentic expression of red fruit appreciate with meat in red wine sauce : Poultry, duck, veal, beef and cheese. 

Tasting note :

Guide Hachette  2017 *

Gold Medal Vignerons Indépendants 2016